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West Palm Beach Bankruptcy & Business Law Attorneys


Experienced Bankruptcy Lawyers – Chapter 7, 11, 12 & 13

For over 30 years, we have been providing consumer bankruptcy and business bankruptcy services, including Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 for individuals with debt problems, Chapter 11 and reorganization for businesses , and Chapter 12 for farmers and fisherman. We have a proprietary debt management system which helps us to provide alternatives to bankruptcy.


Chapter 7 Bankruptcy

There are so many lawyers to choose from when deciding to file bankruptcy, how does one find the right lawyer? We think there are a number of questions you should ask before you decide, and we have set them out.


Chapter 11 Bankruptcy

You should never file Chapter 11 without thoroughly understanding, in specific terms, the exit strategy. If you have only  a general understanding of what your plan of reorganization or restructuring might be, it is difficult or impossible to successfully confirm a Chapter 11 case and extricate your business from bankruptcy. AT FWH, we  undertake a financial analysis of the past and future of your business and plug in the tools available in Chapter 11 to provide you with a visible exit strategy for your business. We do this using proprietary systems unique to FWH.


Chapter 12 Bankruptcy

Legal issues that involve farms and fisheries require special expertise and experience. We have reorganized farms, citrus groves, nurseries and aquaculture (fish farm) facilities. We understand federal farm lending, land use and subsidy rights, crop financing, and other  issues that concern our clients in the agriculture business. Our unique knowledge of PACA claims and defenses allows us to provide legal representation that is uncommon.


Debt Management

Not everyone with debt issues can or should file bankruptcy. There are often alternatives to filing bankruptcy. At FWH , we do not refer to ourselves as “bankruptcy lawyers”. We actually practice Financial Distress Counseling. This means we are looking for a solution to your financial problems, and these solutions do not necessarily involve bankruptcy. Debt Management is just what it sounds like: Programs and protocols designed to help you manage your debt.


There are often several options available to resolve debt problems. For example, in some circumstances it may be practical to employ debt management techniques. We have developed a proprietary program that has assisted many clients in resolving their debt problems, who otherwise were unable or unwilling to utilize the bankruptcy process.


Business Law

Whether you are starting a business, Setting up a corporation or partnership, negotiating a business deal, or need help with the financial management or resolving business disputes, our years of saving businesses in financial trouble gives us a perspective that is not common to most business law firms.


When your legal practice has, for over 30 years, focused on the myriad ways that you can get a business into financial trouble, and how to fix those problems, it gives one a unique perspective on what it takes to avoid those problems in the first place. If you are considering starting a business, or better aligning your business to insulate it from hard times, we can provide insight and planning. Our goal is to provide you the greatest prognosis for a successful future for your business. Our services include shareholder agreements, buy sell agreements, operating agreements, corporate formation, LLC formation, partnership agreements and compliance with corporate law. For more information on Business and Corporate law,  see Business Law FAQ’s.


Our lawyers represent over 30 years of courtroom experience at both the state and federal level. But we look at litigation as the last resort. Business disputes are best resolved with an even handed, pragmatic approach that takes into account the personalities involved, the respective monetary strengths of the opponents and realities of the legal system. We never pursue litigation to line our own pockets. The economic interests of our clients are tantamount.


Ask us for references . We are happy to share the stories of businesses whose financial difficulties we have helped resolved. This may or may not involve reorganization proceedings. There are often other  modalities that can serve these clients: workouts, assignments for the benefit of creditors, and wind-outs.


Asset Protection, Estate Planning & Real Estate

In addition to our focus on business creation assistance and resolving debt issues, we have sophisticated asset protection plans, can help close a real estate deal, create an estate plan or guide you through probate.


Asset Protection

We believe that the art of asset protection planning and structuring involves understanding those laws, and understanding the types of entities, the locales that best serve as protective havens, and the realities of the American legal process involved in the collection of debts. Without a thorough understanding of each of those elements, it is unlikely that one could safely put one’s assets out of the reach of creditors.  To learn more about Domestic Asset Protection Structuring, see FAQ’s Offshore asset protection planning and structuring requires a thorough understanding of the interaction of international legal systems. It requires knowledge of the selected nation’s  civil, banking, political, criminal and tax systems as well as the treaty status between America and that country.  An asset protection advisor who is located solely in the foreign jurisdiction, or who has no legal credentials, is unlikely to have those credentials. It is also important that your lawyer has a direct  working relationship with professionals in the selected nation. If  your plan is so complicated that you do not fully understand it, how do you think it can be defended…and who exactly is going to defend it?


Estate Planning

At FWH, we can provide simple, cost effective mechanisms to accomplish your intentions upon death. If a loved one has died, we understand that the last thing you need is to be embroiled in complicated legal process. We know that you are looking for a compassionate ear  and cost effective probate or estate administration.


Real Estate

For over 35 years, we have been negotiating and closing real estate deals , writing commercial leases, drafting mortgages and addressing landlord-tenant issues.


What We Believe

Why would you hire a lawyer that did not adhere to a high level of ethics and professionalism?



We know you want quality legal representation that does not break the bank. We will do everything necessary to solve your problem, and nothing that is not designed to benefit you.



You do not want legalese and do not appreciate lawyer mumbo jumbo. We strive to demystify the process, explain our strategy, and educate you in plain english about what we are doing for you, all along the way.



We know lawyers have a bad rap. We do not want to be those lawyers. We will always tell you the truth, and never tell you what you want to hear just to help us make a buck. We want you to leave us feeling like you want to tell others you had a positive and productive experience.



Our credo is that every client is to be treated as we would want to be treated when hiring a professional..we would want to be listened to, respected and made to feel like that professional looks at us as other than a source of revenue. We would want to know that the professional genuinely cares about our problem. Every lawyer in our office signs a vow to treat our clients in that fashion, and if we let you down, we want to hear about it.


The FWH Team

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